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Topic 1 – in winter service; reports from project cities:


Thematic priority

Dr. Wolfgang Hafner, Provincial Capital Klagenfurt on Lake Wörth, Department for Environmental; Protection, Austria

CMA+project: report on findings from the provincial capital Klagenfurt

DDr. Alexander Steiner, Municipality of Brunico/Bruneck, Town Police, South Tyrol/Italy

CMA+project: report on findings fromBrunico/Bruneck

Mag.(FH) Oskar Januschke, Municipality of Lienz Depertment oft he Environment and Civil Protection, Austria

CMA+project: report on findings from Lienz


Topic 2 – Reducing particulates using CMA; scientific findings:

Mag. Gerhard Bachler, Technical University of Graz, Institute for Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics, Austria

Air quality monitoring in the CMA project

Dr. Mats Gustafsson, VTI, Swedish National Road andTransport Research Institute, Linköping, Sweden

Results of Road Simulator Tests, Dust binding in the laboratory

Road Safety Board, Austria                   Mag. Ing. Norbert Blaha

Effects of CMA on road safety

Lars Bo Petersen, Department of Applied Ecology, Forest and Landscape Denmark, Hoersholm, Dänemark

CMA for de-icing and winter-service

Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Traffic Sciences, Austria - Univ.-Ass. DI Lukas Kirchmaier

Asessment of skid resistance of CMA-treated urban roads

Topic 3 – Particulates reduction in winter service:

Federal Environment Office, Department for Air Quality & Energy, Dr. Christian Nagl, Austria

Influence of winter gritting on PM10 pollution

Mag. Andreas Krismer, Tyrolean Provincial Government, Immission Monitoring, Austria

Effects of winter service on air hygiene

Dr. Heinz Fuchsig, Social Insurance for Occupational Risks, Austria

Effects of particulates on health

Topic 4 – International experience with CMA in winter service:

Fulvio Amato, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) Spanish Research Council (CSIC), Barcelona, Spanien

Reduction of PM10-pollution. Indicated by street-cleaning activities in Barcelona

Thomas Nasz, City Cleaning Department,Hamburg, Germany

Managing the use of gritting materials in Hamburg’s winter service

State capital Stuttgart, environmetal agency, Dr Ulrich Reuter, Germany

With CMA against fine particel? Demonstration Stuttgart