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LIENZ WLAN for the Sun Town

From the 11th February 2011 free broadband Internet will be available in the entire town centre of Lienz. This means that Lienz will be the first district capital in Tyrol to provide such a service free of charge to all locals and visitors.

This marks a giant step forward on the road to modern communications solutions for various sections of the community.

WLAN availability:

  • Hauptplatz
  • Johannesplatz
  • Rosengasse
  • Messinggasse
  • Egger-Lienz-Platz
  • Südtiroler Platz
  • Am Markt 


A chance for the town’s young people
In Lienz, too, there is a mobile Internet generation in the making. Every young person has a mobile phone, in many cases smartphones, with the result that Internet services are more and more in demand.

Examples for use:

  • Downloading music or video calling using the very popular Skype program. These processes require broadband Internet in order to work properly – and that involves paying fees to the provider.
  • Or it has done up until now. Fast surfing with your handheld is now free with Lienz WLAN
    Everyone is on Facebook. Updating your account, uploading photos or a video clip – all that will be simple, fast and, above all, free in future in the town centre. That makes the town attractive for the young.
  • Young people also use the Internet to gather information for school essays for example or to do research for talks, using Wikipedia or Google’s search machine.

City Wlan Lienz

A location advantage for business
Regardless of whether you are a member of the sales staff, a scientific employee, a manager or a job seeker – practically every branch of business today relies on the Internet and to an increasing extent on mobile Internet – globally accessible. Lienz now offers that free of charge to all entrepreneurs and employees with business interests in the town centre.

Examples for use:

  • The most important use is definitely the ability to read business emails while you are ‘on the move’. In business circles these emails are often quite large. Our new Lienz WLAN is fast and free – a great benefit for your work. It goes without saying that documents can be sent this way as well.
  • Doing research on the Net is easy with the new, fast Lienz WLAN, no matter whether you are reading an online newspaper or looking something up on Wikipedia or Google.
  • For journalists it means that pictures and articles of all events in the town centre can be transferred online when necessary. With our mobile hot spot this will be possible outside the town centre at major events as well, e.g. in the finish area of the Hochstein world cup slope.

A powerful impulse for the tourist industry
Those who will benefit most short term will be the foreign visitors to Lienz who own a new smartphone. Anyone who used an iPhone or similar handheld device to access mobile services had to pay high roaming fees. With our free WLAN these charges are now a thing of the past.

A lot of tourists these days book only hotels which provide free wireless LAN. The entire town centre of Lienz now provides that.

Examples for use:

  • A cycling guest from Italy would like to see where exactly he is and find out the route to Aguntum so he consults the Google map on his mobile phone.
  • A German tourist would like to read his business emails, some of which have photos or files attached. Previously an expensive undertaking - now totally free of charge.
  • Looking up the train timetable (ÖBB) on your mobile and purchasing a ticket, finding out the opening times of the mountain shelters via the Net, booking a room on the Osttirol-Werbung website, in fact, getting answers to all tourist queries on your mobile. All that was very expensive for people from abroad, but is now free.
  • All the uses listed here are merely the tip of the iceberg when one considers the future indispensable possibilities of the state-of-the-art high performance network that Lienz will soon have: citizen service, comprehensive and completely new online advertising for local shops and businesses, to mention just a few.
  • In order to develop modern online services and to support young firms that provide these services it is necessary to have an up-to-date infrastructure. The Lienz WLAN is the first major step in this direction.